Our Price Promise

"We promise to give all new car buyers the same fair price."

We believe that buying a new car should make sense for kiwi buyers. Wouldn't it be nice if your resale value was looked after too? Keeping your Total Cost of Ownership down. That is why Our Price Promise puts EquityTransparencyConsistency and Value for Money into buying a new Honda.


We give everyone the same fair price, you are not at a disadvantage to Government, Corporates and Rental Car companies who typically have greater purchasing power.


So how do you know if your deal was as good as anyone elses? At Honda there is no wondering, as you know everyone paid the same new car price.


"Run out deal!" "Everything must go!" "Sale on now!" may sound great when you are in the market for buying, but if you just bought last week, it is not so good. Inconsistent pricing also negatively affects the resale value of your vehicle when you choose to sell it. At Honda we work hard to maintain stable pricing so you can have the confidence to buy when it suits you.


Stylish, safe, comfortable and feature rich, with Honda you get a reliable, high specification, high quality car for a reasonable price.